Review:Rhapsody Blue, Randi Rouge, Killsey Van HellSin - Adrienne Row - Smith

On June 29th, I had the pleasure of photographing a CD release for my friends in A Scar For the Wicked. In addition to having fellow local artists help out music wise, the band decided to include performances by local burlesque performers. Rhapsody BlueRandi Rouge, and Killsey Van Hellsin put on stellar performances in between each of the musical acts. 

Rhapsody Blue

Rhapsody Blue - She was the first performer of the evening, and captivated the audience with her smile and commanding energy. For those that had never seen Burlesque, she used humor to make sure that they were excited about the show, but also made aware of the rules for her and her fellow performers. Once the rules were set, Rhapsody Blue became an unstoppable force of energy. She was a captivating both on the stage and off,  as she treated the crowd by  coming down to the floor to interact more effectively with the crowd. 

Randi Rouge

Randi Rouge - Following the second musical performance of the evening, Rouge stomped her way onto the stage. Initially clad in a black cloak, she drew all the eyes in the venue to her and her music selection indicated that she would be delivering a dominant and fierce set. Not only did Rouge played with the concept of dominating meeting sensuality, using her props (a cloak, whip, and even her gloves) to help foster an atmosphere of intrigue and allure.

Killsey Van HellSin

Killsey Van HellSin - For the final burlesque performance of the evening, Killsey Van HellSin brought fire and fury to the stage. A bombastic individual, she was not afraid to claim the stage as her own. Casting an enchantment on the crowd with her performance,  Van HellSin was a bewitching finale.

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