Preliminary Portfolio - Adrienne Row - Smith

For my program at Algonquin College, I had to take six images (3 criteria and 3 self-directed) for my portfolio this semester. The portfolio was also required to have a theme, and mine was cinematography or what I prefer to call "An Ode To Cinema." Rather than just simply focusing on films and television shows, I researched and looked at different styles of lighting and colour schemes within cinema to see how it's used to construct certain emotions and tones to enhance the visual/auditory experience for the viewer. Check out my images below and learn a little bit more of the thought process behind each.

Furiosa: Mad Max Inspired

For this triptych, I rented out a junkyard in order to get the theme of this image. As a kid, Mad Max was one of the more interesting movies to have seen, and I was really entranced by post-apocalyptic aesthetics and beliefs. I really wanted a story to be hinted at, but not overtly present within the image, so that people could make their own assumptions and associations. For digital editing, I added a stippling brush effect to pay homage to the pulp fiction-esque type of films that are associated with the post-apocalyptic narrative, to help tie together the theme.

HyperFocal: 0

This image is the first one of my self - directed. The purpose of this image was to channel the filmmaker Wes Anderson, with an emphasis on dysfunctionality. My favourite movie by Anderson is his film Royal Tenenbaums which follows a wealthy but dysfunctional family. So, for this image, I wanted to channel the familieis quirkiness with similar pastel colours that Anderson is known for. At the same time, I also wanted to attempt to do a food shoot prior to my program's class on food to see my progression in food more clearly. The overall image is supposed to channel those vibes of dysfunctionality since it seems quite odd that a cake would be served as a meal and also that the agave syrup would be coming directly from the source.

Futamono: Hannibal

  • HyperFocal: 0
HyperFocal: 0

This was my food assignment image, and while food is supposed to be decadent and delicious, my style is infusing darker concepts into images. Hannibal is one of the first psychological thrillers I ever watched, and it got me hooked on the darker side of cinema. Thus, when I was given this assignment I knew that I wanted to pay homage to that. Furthermore, my lighting style for this image I knew I needed to really capture the dark undertones, but still, make the food look irresistible. So I went for a more baroque style of lighting to really capture the richness of tones within the food. I opted to do a triptych to get the inference of cannibalism into the food, without directly turning people off. As for the brain? It's not meant to immediately draw your eye, but be the last clue that not all is "perfect" at this dinner.

The Fifth Fireball

For my second self directed, I was inspired by the Bruce Willis film The Fifth Element. As with my other self directed images, I wanted to focus on practicing my commercial skills and decided to do a fifth element focusing on product photography. Thus, I wanted the elements to come together to make the fireball (which isn't too far from the truth on how fireball is made).

Kraken: An Adventure Awaits

For my final self - directed image, I wanted to continue to give production value to my product photography. When I think of Kraken Spiced Rum, I immediately thought about Rum being used on ships as the only viable source of hydration on ships for many centuries. So, I wanted to pay homage to that with a more ship inspired set up to really emphasize that. However, when I revisit this image next semester, there will be some slight changes based on the feedback I got during my portfolio interview. So stay tuned for that!

For my final criteria image, I had to do a self-portrait of myself. Some of my favourite films in cinema are horror and black comedy films. Initially, I wanted to do a self - portrait in a coffin...but I realized how close to home that may be for what I have experienced as an individual and opted to do something more a little more humorous but with those conceptual undertones. While the overt message discusses how I deal with my own personal inner demons (think of the dog in the room on fire - "Everything's fine" meme). The hands also symbolize a sadder part of my existence, which I've hinted at my personal project released earlier this year. The message of this image is to acknowledge those struggles, and that it is okay to not be okay. Thanks to my best friend Jess who understood my vision and let me borrow her hands for something a little darker.