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For a week in July, I headed out west to go see a good friend and music producer Mazen Ayob in California. 

When I got there early in the morning, I was amazed by the traffic and life that the city still had even at 3:00 am. Following a much-needed rest, after flying (back in time!), I headed out on my first day to take in the streets of Hollywood. 

For my first day, I opted to walk around the famed Hollywood Blvd, and take in the main tourist attractions. I walked the Hollywood Walk of Fame, saw some pretty famous names, but also stopped in at some cool coffee shops and bars during the course of the day. I spent most of the time I was photographing capturing the architecture. To me, it screamed Hollywood - simply in its grandeur and scale. The murals that I photographed were also interesting, dedicated to celebrities and movie stars that hold an important place in the countries entertainment and cultural history. 

However, not everything was about the past, as there were multiple posters featuring Sarah Huckabee Sanders, holding a bloodied head of 45. 

Following the poster viewing, I made my way back to Hollywood Blvd., and came into contact with a gentleman by the name of Lotis Jackson. Jackson was out on the streets passing out CDs to the multiple tourists walking by and even offering to take pictures with them. I was lucky enough to grab a CD from him, and a picture. I really enjoyed the songs, so if you're looking for a hip hop / RnB artist check him out! 

Lotis Jackson


Venice Beach

Venice Beach: Entertainment

Venice Beach: Skatepark

When I was at Venice Beach, I was walking along and saw all this beautiful artwork. I asked the owner and creator Dennis Smith (pictured below)  if we could chat about the work and if I had his permission to take his photo. 

If you're ever in Venice Beach, make sure you check out his artwork! 

Art From The Heart


The Hills

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