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What is 'The Future Is' Series? 

'The Future is... is a photoshoot interview series where I combine images taken during my interview with the person and combine it with their responses and opinions to my questions about the Ottawa Creative Community.

I wanted to the focus of this series to be on women, primarily LGTB2A women of colour. However, my series is not going to be limited by those parameters. The focus is meant to be on the marginalized voices that are often overlooked or never heard, and I wanted to gain insight into the diverse Ottawa Community. 

My interview will always follow these questions:

1. Who Are You?

2. What is your field of expertise?

3. What is your favourite thing about the creative community in Ottawa?

4. Do you have a significant moment from working within the community?

5. Any advice for those just coming into the community?

6. In your words, what does the future of the Ottawa Arts/Creative community look like? 

7. Finally, is there anything else you would like to share?

However, just like any honest and open dialogue, there may be portions of the interview that drift from the subject at hand! 

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